The police state for us good folk
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The police state for us good folk


Tonight my fiance took my car to get some groceries. She had laid down our baby to bed and wanted to use our one car because she is always trying to find ways to make my life easier. I stayed at home so our baby and myself could get some rest.

40 minutes later I got a phone call. It was my fiance. She was pulled over on the side of the road by a policeman because my license plates expired a few months ago. The policeman had her information and was in his car. She sounded shaky.

One thing to keep in mind: my fiance has had a traumatic as fuck experience with cops in the past. She got bullied and there was nothing that she could do about it. Worse, there was nothing that I, her protector, could do about it. I could hear the shaking in her voice. Soon her fight or flight would peak… which is not good around cops.

So when I asked her what was up and she told me the situation, I knew that I had to stay calm for her. If she freaked out even for a moment, things would escalate. She had the only car. I couldn’t go get her. Our baby was in bed. I had to be at work in the morning. If the cop got too anxious, I would have to figure out how to rescue my love with a baby in my arms and no car. Also, very little money.

While on the phone with her, the cop came back to the window. He immediately demanded to know who she was on the phone with as though that was any of his business. I stayed quiet. After he learned I was on the phone, he became more hostile. He told her that he had written her a ticket but could have “towed this car and ruined your life”.

Let that sink in.

Here is a policeman who swore to serve and protect and that I am forced to pay part of his salary. He is bullying my fiance, the woman that I love, with idle threats. I can’t do anything to protect her except for try to keep her calm. All because I didn’t pay my taxes on time. Taxes that pay for our roads… that are completely ruined with potholes.

Within 24 hours, someone on the internet is going to say to me, “who is going to pay for the roads, though?!”

I’m just glad that my fiance returned home and is safe. This story could have easily come to a much more frightening and awful conclusion.

When I say that I am voting for Adam Kokesh in 2020 so that he can peacefully and responsibly dissolve the federal government, this is something that I will be changing. With the federal government gone, the onus will be passed to the states where the people can actually manage the corruption. This needs to stop. Help me. Help us.

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