For the love of Snowden!
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For the love of Snowden!

As a veteran that has since dedicated his life to cyber security in education and career, I openly declare that I love Edward Snowden. The man did what so few had the testicular fortitude to do themselves. He sacrificed his freedom and safety for the security of the American people. Normally, this would make him an American hero… but as we all know, our government condemned him. However, it gets worse.

It wasn’t so long ago that saying our federal government would assassinate an American citizen for whistle blowing would have been laughed off as a conspiracy theory worthy of a tin foil hat. After all, we have due process which preserves our freedom from a tyrannical government. The story of Edward Snowden maps out in an all too clear and concise manner that this is not a conspiracy theory. I know of two people that have publicly claimed to want kill Edward Snowden: President Donald Trump and Director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo. Some may argue that Mike Pompeo did mention giving Snowden “due process”, but given that he has already declared the sentence before the trial, his platitudes hold no weight.

To me, the most troubling aspect of this story is that I am Snowden in that I would feel compelled to do the right thing. I would want to be the one to stand up when I witness our government doing wrong to Americans in blatant disregard and disrespect to the Constitution. Wouldn’t you? So when we see what our government will do to someone who stands up against their crimes, we learn that our fate would also be exile until caught and killed. This is the opposite of living in freedom. This is learning to keep your mouth shut, stay low, and don’t get caught speaking out against your government.

Currently Snowden is being used as a political pawn between the Kremlin and our President. Snowden still hasn’t “learned his lesson” and is now speaking out against the insufferable oppression that the Russian government is using against its citizens through online monitoring. The man simply won’t quit. If he is brought back to America, he will be killed. After all he has done for you, what are you willing to do for him?

At this point you may be wondering if you could sacrifice your way of life and safety as Snowden did to protect America. Fortunately, there is a way where you can not only save Snowden’s life in return for what he did for you, but you can make sure this never happens to another American… and you can do it safely. For the first time since 1799, a way has opened up for the American people to throw off the stinking wet blanket of oppression from our federal government. Adam Kokesh is dedicating himself to personally taking down the federal government. The director of the CIA wants a whistleblower dead? Maybe instead, we should take away Mike Pompeo’s job and power so that he is as accountable as the rest of us when it comes to wanting someone dead. Instead of having a president that refuses to pardon a whistleblower or a president that boldly claims he wants a whistleblower “killed, we should decentralize the presidency.

Thomas Jefferson once wrote that “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Respectfully, I would love to prove Thomas Jefferson wrong on this. Adam Kokesh will remove the tyranny that threatens Americans who stand against their corrupt government… and he will do it peacefully and legally. If you want to stand up for the man that stood up for all of us and bring him back home, then help Adam Kokesh’s mission to decentralize our government.

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