Life partner, Fellow Warrior
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Life partner, Fellow Warrior


While at the Libertarian Convention in New Orleans, Lousiana, we faced a lot of trials. I have massive social anxiety and the team needed for me to go out and meet people and invite them to our march.

In case you actually haven’t heard, we put on the March of the Dead Veterans while in NOLA. This was a very serious march that expressed solidarity with all the veterans that have committed suicide and face suicidal tendencies now due to the VA filling them up with meds that… cause suicide. Especially while it is proven that MDMA and Cannabis can easily help these veterans, but our government wants to restrict them.

That government decided to show up and attempt to prevent the start of our march. One would think that veterans gathering in solidarity about health and suicide issues might be welcomed on public property of the VA’s parking lot. One would be wrong. They guarded the empty parking lot fiercely. Whatever… we just gathered a few yards away. See if you can spot the irony in the picture below.


Anyways… During all of this, there was nothing better than having my woman by my side. My life partner. My battle buddy. Just having someone that will always stand because we are fighting the same fight together is an almost mind-blowing experience to have. It certainly isn’t something to take for granted.

During this march, veterans wore white skull masks and volunteers (civilians), wore bright-colored safety vests. The volunteers’ job was to literally run out into the road to block any cars that might hit us as we crossed over streets. They literally put their bodies between us veterans marching and massive metal machines. They also kept a sharp eye on us for dehydration symptoms and gave us water as needed.


So when I saw Lishyr don her safety vest in the sweltering heat of New Orleans at 0630 in the morning, it meant more to me than what I could express. While most would rather stay home in the air conditioner… and bed… she was standing by my side.

Eventually, we marched all the way inside the convention where Adam Kokesh handed the flag that represented all of our brothers that are being hurt by the VA to the Chair of the Libertarian Party. It was a moment of glory. In the picture below you can see me getting ready to march up to the stage. All eyes were on us and what we were standing for.


In the back was Lishy taking my picture with pride. She received no glory, no applause, and no recognition. She was just as sheathed in sweat as the rest of us. But all she wanted in that moment was to support her fellow warrior.

I’m proud to fight our fights next to someone that will happily take lead or support positions so long as WE achieve. I’m proud to have a woman like Lishy.

-Mykl Truthar

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