I force the government to touch my penis
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I force the government to touch my penis


yes, you read that correctly. I force the government to stroke my penis.

Since I was a young kid, I was raised that my genitals were special. Only my future wife, a doctor, and I could touch my penis. I was to hide it beneath clothes always… even when I was home alone just in case someone stopped by or looked through my window. So in my mind… my penis is very special as are my two wonderful hairy balls.

However, I decided to go fly on an airplane about a month or two ago. I was under the impression that, as a disabled veteran of 8 years (Army), I lived in the luxury of freedom. Surely I can travel freely and unmolested. I knew about the shoe thing. I figured one of the overweight sweaty men liked looking at peoples feet and made up an arbitrary rule to get his rocks off. It pissed me off, but I figured… sure. I’ll take off my shoes.

When I get up to the security area further, I’m told to take off my belt. Ok.

While they are looking through my carry on bags, I notice that the line is moving through this big machine. You stand in this machine and line your feet up to yellow markers. It whirs two bars around you. I’ve read about this.


It basically gives some guy in a control room a naked look at your body. Well, most of your body. It’s pretty well known that you can hide knives under your armpits. Still, they want you to know that they can make you spread your feet and hold your hands over your head and fire millimeter waves at your unprotected body to render nude images of you.


But the government insists on you SUBMITTING to being viewed naked. Those of you that know about psychology understand that sexual assault isn’t about sex. It’s about power. Sexual assaulters know that we hold our sexuality as our own, and that by forcing us to hand it over, they have ultimate power over us.

So I blatantly said that I wasn’t going to get into the machine. The TSA guy asked me to repeat myself. So, I calmly did. This frustrated the guy. I had, in his eyes, become “one of those guys” that would make his job “difficult”. He looks me dead in the eye and tells me that either I can get in the machine, or they would HAVE to pat me down. Again, I calmly said that I’m not getting into the machine.

The TSA guy picks up his radio and murmurs something into it. In a few moments, another TSA guy approaches me. He tells me that if I don’t get into the machine, he would have to pat me down and that would take a while, so it’s better if I just got in the machine. Again, I calmly declined getting in the god damned machine. He opens up a side gate and motions me through. I then learn what he meant by the procedure taking a while. It meant that he would go and talk to his buddies and lean on a counter for a while as I stood there. Meh, I was three hours early for my flight.

When he finally feels that he made his point, he comes back and snaps on his blue latex gloves. I just stare at him. He asks me to assume the position that the people were doing in the machine and then proceeds to tell me step by step how he would touch me.

sam being uncle.jpg

Sure enough, he ends up running the back of his hand over my penis and balls after rubbing me everywhere else. Obviously, I didn’t enjoy it. More importantly, HE really didn’t enjoy it.

The point of this story is this. Don’t let the TSA or any other arm of the government mess with you sexually. Your body is your own. It is not theirs. The only people that should get to touch you or see you naked is those that you WANT to touch you or see you naked. HOWEVER. If you’re going to be forced, you may as well force back. If you are going to be uncomfortable, make them more uncomfortable. Be in charge of your life and your genitals. Make the government stroke your penis.

-Mykl Truthar

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