Feminism can’t be Republican or Democrat
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Feminism can’t be Republican or Democrat


Earlier today, I was writing a post about my molestation experience at the hands of the government. Since then I’ve got some private messages joking around with me about the article. I laughed with them. But now it’s got me thinking… what if I were a feminist?

I hear about feminism every single day. It’s almost inescapable in my little societal bubble. Yet, I never heard the first feminist complaining about the government sexually molesting them… even though it clearly happens every day at the airport as we are either rubbed down over our groins, or have a shortwave camera render pictures of us naked so some fat sweaty dude in an enclosed office can oggle them for… you know… “security”.


Why is that? I have seen feminists come out in droves to protest men having a meeting about the problems with male suicide rates. I have seen a feminist lose her shit and go bananas when a man told her his name was “Hugh Mungus”. I have seen feminists create entire movements and add to our English lexicon over “manspreading” and “mansplaining”.

Yet the idea that a complete stranger can force them to render images of them naked or rub their hands over their bodies… seems to be completely ok. On this, I call bullshit.


I don’t think any feminist would publicly declare the idea that they like for teenage girls to get touched on their groins by strangers or have their bodies rendered in the nude. So going off of this hypothesis, you cannot be a feminist while simultaneously supporting strangers rubbing on the groins of your children. So who are these kiddie touchers? These people that sexually violate and denigrate people by the thousands a day? Your federal government.

I don’t care if you call yourself a Republican or you call yourself a Democrat. The one thing that both Republicans and Democrats agree on is that there should be people making policies to keep them safe, even if it means sexual molestation of their kids.


Hillary Clinton was supposedly the top option for feminists everywhere. I didn’t hear her utter one word about ending the TSA or their policies. When Trumps recording came out and he said “grab them by the pussy”, people lost their minds! Meanwhile, the federal government was (and still is) rubbing on women’s vaginas. For “security” every day.

So from now on, if I come across a feminist that says he/she is a democrat or a republican, I will explain to them why they are frauds. Fakes. Posers. The only true feminist is one that wants for both men and women to not get fondled against their will a thousand times a day.

The only kind of feminist possible is a libertarian/anarchist. So if that’s you… a real feminist who doesn’t just attention whore… but who really wants to protect the sexuality of men, women, and children from being molested… Vote Adam Kokesh. He will end the federal government. He will end the TSA. He will end our culture of being “touched” or viewed in the nude for good.

If you’re going to call yourself a feminist, you may as well bring honor to it.


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